"It's a great battle between guitars and technology ... We'll call it a draw"

- Rigsy, BBC Radio Ulster

"Combining programmed electronica with soaring anthemic dynamics ... ‘Kill It’ [distills] the essence of the band’s ardent alt-rock approach"

- Brian Coney, The Thin Air

"Beautifully written, lyrically potent and above all, authentically A Northern Light … [an] anthem for the downhearted"

- Taylor Johnson, Encore NI


- Phil Taggart, BBC Radio One

"Sleek, professional, anthemic [and] very different to the sound of other groups currently plying their trade locally"

- Christopher McBride, The Metaphorical Boat

"Stadium-sized slices of catchy, emotive and highly atmospheric indie rock"

- David Roy, Irish News

"Intelligent, driven guitar music"

- Nick Hopkinson, Strangeways Radio

Welcome to our website, lovely humans.
Here you will find our music, information about our past, present and future; how and why we do what we do, day in, day out.

You are joining us 5 years into this whole mad journey, and right now is the perfect time to get involved in A Northern Light. In 2016 we are releasing lots of music, starting with 'Paranoia', the lead single from Kingdoms: Part One. We'll be playing absolutely everywhere people want us too, so if you want us to come round your way, give us a shout.

We make music that we love; music that we find interesting; music that improves the mood after a fairly bleak day. It can be difficult just to put this all into words, so best have a listen for yourself!
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A Northern Light